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Request My Medical Records

The physicians listed below are no longer with Concorde Medical Group as of 1/1/2020. To retrive your medical records from any of these physicians, please call their office number listed below:

 Dr. Brettholz  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. Cohen  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. Fors  (212) 889-3119
 Dr. Friedlander  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. Khaykis  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. Klavan  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. Oneto  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. Peck  (212) 213-3233
 Dr. Salik  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. Schwartz  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. A. Sherman  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. Solitar  (212) 889-3119
 Dr. Weber  (212) 889-5544
 Dr. Zweig  (212) 725-7841

Their office will assist you in retrieving your medical records. Thank you!

For Dr. Stuart Lewis patients, please follow the instructions below to submit a medical records request.

If you would like to request medical records from a current Concorde provider, please click the below link to complete the Authorization for Release of Health Information form: 

*  Although part of the  HIPAA form relates to sending records via email and fax, it is NOT a method of record transmission that Concorde currently supports.

How to Submit Your Request:
You can complete this form electronically  and email it as an attachment to  ConcordeMedicalGroup@northwell.edu , or fax the completed form to (212) 253-9631.

If you are unable to complete this document electronically, or are unable to print and complete, please call your  provider's office and a copy will be mailed to you.